Must-Know Summer Shoe Trends

We never want ourselves to go out of style each season. Since the sun is finally up and summer is finally here we’re helping you to set up our wardrobe. Of course, one of the key things to complete the perfect outfit is the shoes. In this article, we are going to start talking about summer shoe trends. Summer is the season for loosening up and going outdoors

What to wear?
1. Gladiator sandals
This shoe has historical backgrounds as it originated in the Greco-Roman times. You can stylishly wear gladiator sandals with your summer outfit. This is often worn for flexibility, comfort and support. Its lengthy straps is attractive and would bring out the spice of your fashion. In the market, you can either choose from a comfortable flat gladiator or an exotic gladiator heel.

2. Mandals
Summer is for outdoor activities. So, if you want to go trekking, camping, fishing, outing or even walking around in town with friends, your toes will thank us if you were these shoes. This open-toe shoes would give you the best comfort and is best recommended for outdoors. There is nothing wrong in wearing the traditional leather mandals as long as you know how to mix and match, then you are good to go.

3. Strappy sandals
These flat, strappy sandals could give you the utmost convenient when you try to walk around this summer. The various designed straps give you a chic-touch. You could look hip if you wear it on a jeans and look cute if you wear it with a summer dress. There are plenty of trendy crisscross strappy sandals to choose from. Pick the best ones!

4. Block heel
This shoe is exactly what you need when you want versatility. This could technically be worn with just anything. Block heels could season up your summer days and nights in a different vibe. Fashion experts say that is a good alternative for stilettos as far as comfort is concerned.

5. Ballet flats
Conventional doesn’t mean it will go out of style and is out of season. Ballet flats could be worn casually outdoors and even in offices. Even if you choose plain, patterned, stripes or floral designs they are breathable in summer if you just choose the best material for your flats. This is one of the top picks of people of different ages.

6. Clogs
One of the finest shoes you have to wear in summer is a clog! There are wear-anywhere clogs sold in the market which would fulfill your fashion and comfy needs. Your choices would range from the traditional to the most stylistic modernized designs that fit for all summer occasion. You just have to avoid wearing a pair of clogs with knee-length skirts and cobblestones.

7. Wedges
This is perfect for a summer day so shop for the best pair. Floral and bright-colored wedges are very attractive and can be worn in all occasion. You can wear it to the office, dining out, partying or just walking around.

We know what’s right for you. So check out this summer shoe trends and never go out of style this season!